Saturday, June 04, 2011

Sanrio Puroland

One of Japan’s most popular character is “Hello Kitty”. Sanrio the creators of hello kitty have certain other characters as well. However these are not as popular as Hello Kitty in most countries outside Japan. Some of these characters are Jewelpet, Cinnamoroll, Sugarbunnies and My melody.

In a country where there is no dearth of characters and theme parks, it is but natural that Hello Kitty deserves a theme park of her own – Sanrio Puroland.
Sanrio Puroland opened in December 1990 in Tama city near Tokyo and is popular among young girls and teenagers. Sanrio Puroland is a pink paradise, filled with cuteness. It is an indoor theme park, which is much smaller compared to the Disneyland theme parks, but nevertheless a popular destination. Infact, the theme park is popular among overseas visitors especially from other South east Asian countries. 

The theme park environment can be felt even outside, with the colourful lampposts and pillars.

Once you walk in you feel that the colourful interiors and murals add to the beauty of the park.

The star attraction among young girls is Kitty's House. 

All furniture is in the Kitty theme- right from the bed, to the bath tub and even the fireplace. 

Even the bricks have Kitty embossed on them.
At fixed times, Kitty makes an appearance.

The Kitty mobile:
Apart from the boat rides and Hello Kitty’s house, there are also live performances. On weekends and holidays, there is a dinner show with a live performance by Kitty and Daniel.

Lots of Sanrio merchandise are on sale in the shopping area.

The food shops also sell Hello kitty themed food stuff.

Definitely worth a visit, especially if you have little girls. Boys beware, it could be boring !!

Access: 5 mins walk from Tama station on Keio Line and Odakyu Line.

Opening Hours: Vary on weekends and holidays. Other days 10;00-17:00 hrs.

Tickets: Tickets are in 2 categories: Welcome ticket and Passport. While Welcome ticket is good enough for entrance and to view all free shows, Passport also provides access to all the attractions

Welcome ticket: Adults : 3000 yen
                         Children (12-17 years): 2700 yen
                         Children (4-11 years): 2000 yen

Passport ticket: Adults : 4000 yen
                         Children (12-17 years): 3700 yen
                         Children (4-11 years): 3000 yen

Children under 3 year : Free

Tickets purchased in advance are slightly cheaper than same day purchase.