Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Fuji Q Highland

Fuji Q highland is an amusement park located at the base of Mt Fuji in Fujiyoshida city, Yamanashi prefecture. The park is home to many roller coasters and thrilling rides and as such is counted amongst one of the most popular theme parks in Japan.
Fujiyama, at 79 meters high and a speed of 130 km/h is the park’s tallest roller coaster. 
Having opened in 1996, it was once the world’s tallest roller coaster.

It is still one of world’s tallest, fastest and longest roller coasters.

Eejanaika, at 76 meters high is a relatively new attraction having opened only in 2006. It is the second 4D roller coaster to be built in this world after X2 in California’s Six Flags Magic Mountain  but is higher and faster than X2. It’s seats can rotate 360 degrees forward or backward in a controlled spin.

Dodonpa, at 52 meters high opened in 2001 and has a speed of 172 km/h. 
It was once the world’s fastest roller coaster.

Takabisha, is the newest roller coaster in Fuji Q and opened in July 2011. 
It is the world’s steepest roller coaster, certified by the Guiness Book of World records at the time of opening.

It has a drop of 43 meters, speed of 100 km/h a freefall of 121 degrees and seven major twists and dark tunnels on its 1000 meter long track.

 The tracks look scary even when viewed from ground level!

Some other thrilling rides in the park are 
Tekkotsu Bancho



Great Zaboon

 Panic Clock

Mad Mouse
Most of the thriller rides and roller coasters have height restrictions and other restrictions regarding age and health. 

Thomas Land is a children’s amusement park area designed after Thomas the Tank engine theme. Most visitors seem to find this the most fun area in the park !
 Japan’s highest mountain forms a picturesque backdrop to most of the roller coaster rides in the theme park.

Access: 5-6-1 Shin-Nishihara. Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi Prefecture 403-0017 Japan

(The pictures in this post were taken by a friend during a recent visit to Fuji Q Highland. I am thankful to my friend for sharing these pics and experience with me and allowing me to use these for my blog.)