Monday, February 29, 2016

Nagoya : Cherry Blossoms near Yamazaki River

It is almost spring and plum blossoms are a common sight in Japan. Almost everyone in Japan is awaiting the famous Cherry Blossom season. While speaking to my friends about organising Cherry Blossom viewing events this spring, I realised that I had not written much about Cherry Blossoms around Nagoya. Nagoya has three popular spots for Cherry Blossom viewing and Hanami parties- Tsuruma Park, Yamazaki River and Gojo River.  
Yamazaki river flows through a large part of Nagoya, but the Cherry Blossom viewing spot is located in the city's Mizuho ku, close to the Mizuho Undo-jo. 

Hundreds of Cherry Trees along both banks of the river spanning about 2 kms,  along a walking promenade make this a popular spot for locals in the Cherry Blossom viewing season.

While Tsuruma Park is termed as the No 1 spot for Cherry Blossom viewing, I would say Yamazaki river is less crowded and more enjoyable. 

 The Cherry trees are lit up every evening from about 6 pm to 9 pm. The spot attracts visitors both during the day and the evening. 

Nearest subway stations : 
Mizuho Undojo Nishi and Mizuho Kuyakusho Stations on the Sakuradori Subway line or Mizuho Undojo Higashi station on the Meijo Line. 

Parking: Paid parking available at Mizuho Undojo Parking  

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