Friday, December 10, 2010

Akiu Waterfalls

Our visit to Akiu Otaki was an unplanned one. We had spent the previous night at a hotel near Matsushima . We had finished sightseeing in Matsushima and decided to visit some other destination. We did a quick web search and came across information on Akiu Waterfalls. We decided to check it out.

Akiu waterfalls is supposed to be one of the three best waterfalls in Japan. This 55 m high and 6 m wide waterfall is located in Miyagi prefercture , on the outskirts of Sendai. The waterfalls are located a short drive away from Akiu Onsen and Spa resort town.  

The entrance to the waterfalls is through a Shrine complex. A walking path along the Shrine leads down to the Observation Deck. Unfortunately, the falls can be viewed only from a distance.
The observation deck is not very big and as such it was crowded.  But the view was spectacular.

We saw that a walking trail leads down to the main road but the trail was closed due to some construction work. We did get to see the falls in the distance as we drove back to Sendai . 

The Akiu Botanical gardens are located near the waterfalls. Just outside the shrine entrance there are various stalls selling food stuff, souvenirs and plants.

Akiu town is well known for its Onsens and Spa resorts.

We also visited the Rairaikyo Gorge while in the area.

There were'nt many signboards in English and we had to find our way around by asking lots of locals along the road.

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