Thursday, November 20, 2014

Visiting Obara : Cherry Blossoms in Autumn

Frankly speaking I am not sure how to classify this post - Hanami or Momijigari. To put it simply, Hanami is Blossom Viewing, a popular activity in spring  and Momijigari is Foliage viewing, a popular activity in autumn. Confusing isn't it? Read on !
Of the 100 odd varieties of Cherry Blossoms in Japan, one variety blooms twice in Spring and again in Autumn. Not a commonly found variety, this kind of Cherry blossom is called Shikizakura or 4 season Cherry Blossom. Since it starts blooming somewhere around October, it is also called as Jugatsuzakura- simply translated to October Cherry Blossom ! 
There are very few places in Japan where visitors can view both Cherry blossoms and Autumn Foliage at the same time. We visited one such place last weekend. 
Obara is a town forming part of Toyota city in Aichi prefecture and is roughly an hour's drive from Nagoya city. Obara is well known for its widespread Shikizakura trees- numbering about 10000 ! 
The white cherry blossoms against the backdrop of red maple leaves are a sight to see. 
No wonder Obara attracts lots of tourists during the month of November. 
Obara Fureai Park and Senmizakura Koen are the two popular spots to view the best Shikizakura and Momiji in Obara. 

Address: Aichi Prefecture 470-0531, Toyota shi, Obara cho. Obara Fureai Koen

Phone: 0565-65-3808

Parking; Paid parking available near Obara Fureai Park

Obara Tourism Website  (English) : Click here 


  1. Mr.Pipple
    very fun, beautiful and enjoyable for the whole family! Very interesting. one of the key points in obara

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