Thursday, March 31, 2011

When Nature plays Havoc....

A fortnight after disaster struck, Japan is still suffering from the effects. Slowly life is returning to normalcy even as the nuclear radiation continues to be a major threat in East Japan.
This time I decided to share a few pics that I got from various sources, some from my friends and some from the internet. These pictures are proof of the fact that when Nature decides to show its fury, all fails.

Few scenes of the destruction caused by the Earthquake

  Tsunami waves which caused most of the destruction :

Onahama port in Iwaki city where we live after being hit by Tsunami

An aerial view of Iwaki city's coastline after the Tsunami

Whirlpools off the Ibaraki coast caused by the Tsunami and intense Seismic activity

 Fires raged in few places due to the combined effect of Tsunami and Earthquake :

 Words cannot describe the destruction caused by this disaster

 Finally few scenes as shown on Japanese television

It is sad to see such images of a beautiful country like Japan, images which I would prefer to forget as a bad dream.

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