Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tokyo Disneyland

In October this year, we visited Tokyo Disneyland resort. Tokyo Disneyland is the first Disney theme park outside the US. It opened in the year 1983 and is one of the most visited places in Japan. It is also one of the most famous Disney parks and also one of the biggest. Actually the Tokyo Disneyland resort comprises of two theme parks, Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea. 

Tokyo Disneyland resort is located in Urayasu city in Chiba prefecture. It is easily accessible by train and road from Tokyo.

Pictures near the entrance

Tokyo Disneyland has different themes during the year such as Spring Carnival, Halloween, Christmas Magic.  During these special events, it can be very crowded. Weekends are usually crowded, but the crowd on weekends during special events is totally unimaginable. Locals in Japan check the expected turnout on any particular day on a website and plan their visit accordingly. Check out the website: www.15.plala.or.jp/gcap/disney (only Japanese). 

Since we had visited Hong Kong Disneyland during Christmas 2010, we decided to visit Tokyo Disneyland during its Halloween event period. The park had all the Halloween d├ęcor- the Jack-o-lanterns, the spooky figures etc.

Tokyo Disneyland is divided into – “Toontown”, “Fantasyland”, “Adventureland”, “Westernland”, “Critter Country”, and “Tomorrowland”.

Pictures from Towntoon:

Cinderella's Castle walkthrough is one of the newest attractions in Tokyo Disneyland. Not too great considering we waited for abt 40 mins for our turn. Exhibits and pictures from Cinderella's story are displayed inside the castle.

Pictures from Cinderella's Castle

Pictures from Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse:

Pictures from the Halloween Parade

Pictures from Adventureland

It is not very easy to get photographed with the Disney characters in the Tokyo Disneyland resort. There are long queues of people patiently awaiting their turn. Mickey Mouse doesn’t make a public appearance and one has to wait in a long serpentine queue to meet Mickey Mouse in his “house” in Toon Town. There was a waiting time of 80 minutes even at 9.00 pm to meet Mickey Mouse! Definitely Hong Kong Disneyland is the place to meet the characters. I remember we got  photographed with Mickey and Minnie, and Goofy and Pluto, right near the entrance and also got photographed with them in the evening, without having to wait for more than 20-30 mins. Disney princesses did not make an appearance. Daisy Duck was missing even in the parades.

Pictures from Minnie-oh-Minnie

Come evening and with all the lights on, Disney is truly transformed into a magical world. 

 The Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade- Dreamlights is a must see. It lasts for about half hour
 and is an absolute delight to watch. The parade route is long and people sit along the path from hours before the parade commences, just to be able to have a good view. 

The fireworks show at Tokyo Disneyland is much shorter than the spectacular fireworks show that we saw at Hong Kong Disneyland. 

Many guests had come to the park dressed like Disney characters, which is allowed during the Halloween event.

Finally pictures from the cute shops selling Disney character franchise goods.

Disneyland is the place to be for a perfect day of fun, away from the hassles of everyday life. No wonder it is a Fantasyland equally entertaining people from all age groups.

Access: For visitors reaching Disneyland by train, Maihama station is just across the Disneyland entrance. For visitors driving to Disneyland, Urayasu IC is the closest. 

Car parking: Charged Parking is available. 

For Tickets and Timings please check the above website. 

Haven’t been to Tokyo Disney Sea till now, but I am looking forward to taking that trip, hopefully in the next few months.  

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