Monday, April 02, 2012

Nikko: Futarasan Shrine

Futarasan shrine is the third monument that one reaches on the walking trail after visiting Rinno-ji and Toshogu. 
A walkway  lined with stone lanterns leads to a gate beyond which is the Futarasan Shrine.

The Futarasan Shrine which was founded in 782 by Buddhist priest Shodo Shonin, is dedicated to the god of Mountains, Mt Nantai, his wife Nyotai and their child Taro.The three mountains Nantai, Nyotai and Taro are regarded as the three sacred mountains of Nikko.  This shrine is the Shinto shrine corresponding to the Buddhist temple Rinno-ji. Both Futarasan and Rinno-ji are dedicated to the same deities in their respective manifestations.

The shrine building and its interior are similar to most other Shinto shrines.

Many other structures stand on the Shrine grounds. 

The Shinkyo Bridge which marks the entrance to the Shrine and Temple area is technically a part of the Futarasan shrine.
Opening Hours: 8:00-17:00 hrs (Closes at 16:00 hrs between November-March)
Closing Days: Open 365 days

Admission  fees : 200 yen
                          1300 yen Combination ticket which includes entrance to Sanbutsu-do,
                          Treasure House, Shoyoen garden, Toshogu Shrine, Taiyuin Byo and 
                          Futarasan Shrine.  

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