Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Mid Summer Day's Visit to British Hills

The hot and humid summer is not really the best time to explore Japan unless the destination is a cool and scenic place. One such place which we visited in August was British Hills. 
British Hills is located high up in the mountains in Fukushima Prefecture’s Hatori Natural Park. Located at 1000 feet above sea level, British hills enjoys a climate similar to that of Scotland’s Highlands. The light drizzle at the time of our visit added to the “Scottish” feel. 

Sprawling over 59.6 acres, British Hills is a resort which reminds one of a medieval style British town. The buildings are built in medieval British architectural style and most of these houses are accommodation for visitors. 

The Manor House is a blend between a countryhouse and a castle, with extensive mahogany woodwork interiors. 

A statue of Shakespeare is erected on the grounds of the Manor House.
British cultural classes and English classes are also conducted at British Hills. 
British souvenirs and knickknacks are sold in the Ye store, while guests can enjoy tea and snacks in one of the British style restaurants.
Day visits are also possible and there is an entrance fee of 200 yen for adults and 100 yen for children. Participation in culture or language classes and guided tours of the Manor house are charged extra. There is not much to do for day visitors unless one participates in some event at the resort. Nevertheless the natural beauty of the place and the English feel of the place are definitely reason enough to visit. 

Address: 1-8 Aza Shibakusa, Ohaza, Tarao, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan- 962-0622

Phone: 0248-85-1313

Access: 40 mins by car from Shin-Shirakawa station; British Hills Shuttle Buses available from Shin Shirakawa station to the resort.

Website: http://www.british-hills.co.jp

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