Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Coffee Crazy : Latte Art

These days Latte Art seems to be the trend in Japan. There are a couple of Coffee shops specialising in Latte Art in Nagoya.     

What exactly is Latte Art ? It involves turning the foam on top of a Cafe latte or Cappuccino into a piece of art, like a sculpture or a tile. 

My friends and I tried out a couple of Coffee Shops specialising in Latte Art.
One of these Coffee Shops - ELK Cafe, specialises in 3D Latte Art.
The other shop, Presto Cafe specialises in Latte Art. 

The owner also conducts workshops for those wishing to learn Latte Art. 

At another Coffee Shop - Air Cafe, the Cafe Latte had this cute girl image on top.

Many local Baristas offer Latte Art workshops for those willing to learn the basic skills. But trust Japan to come up with a gadget for anything ! Toy maker Takara Tomy has introduced a 3D Latte Art Making gadget "Awa Taccino". It is ideal for people who want to try making their own latte art at home. Its blender dispenses milk foam in a controlled manner such that it makes the foam easy to sculpt. 

So go ahead, Indulge !  


  1. Great and informative blog. I'm currently in Nagoya and would live to try a 3d latte. What is the address of the Elk Cafe. I tried looking it up but couldn't find it. Thank you

    1. Hi,
      I am glad you found this post interesting. As for Elk Cafe, it is in Sakae .
      Their address is :

      1F Sumiyoshi Bldg.,3-20-14 |, Sakae, Naka ku, Nagoya 460-0008, Aichi Prefecture

      Phone:052-261-8227 and their website is "


      Hope you have a great time !