Thursday, February 07, 2013

Sakura Forecast

My first post of 2013.

It is still winter in most of Japan, barring Okinawa islands perhaps. The just concluded festival of  Setsubun (February 3rd) marks the end of winter as per Japanese traditional calendar. However barring a few days of sunshine, it has been a mix of snow, winds and rain for most of Japan.

It is again that time of the year when most of us in Japan are looking forward to spring. Spring brings with it pleasant weather and the beautiful blossoms. Japan's cherry blossom season, locally known as Sakura season,is the popular and is also the peak tourist season. Who would not want to enjoy these beautiful cherry blossoms while visiting the country !
The beauty of the season is such that even the Japanese who have viewed the cherry blossoms their entire life are so excited to see the cherry blossoms ! It is the season for Hanami outings and parties - the way to celebrate the Sakura. Sakura is already in bloom in the southernmost Okinawa islands, while mainland Japan has to wait for another month and a half before Sakura season arrives

The initial forecasts by the Japan Weather Association for the Cherry blossom blooming time are out. 
 Cherry blossom front (forecast)

Source : Japan Weather Association

For more detailed forecasts check out this link

Enjoy planning your hanami outings and parties ! 

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