Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Nagoya : Shiroyama Hachimangu Shrine

On one of our  "explore the neighbourhood on the bicycle" routines , we stopped by at the Shiroyama Hachimangu shrine. 
The Shiroyama Hachimangu shrine, also known as Shiroyama Hakusan jinja is a Shinto shrine located on a hill in Motoyama.
 A Hachiman shrine is a shrine dedicated to the Shinto kami Hachiman.
 The shrine is located on the site of the former Suemori Castle. The castle dates back to the the 16th century and was built in 1548 by the feudal lord Oda Nobuhide. 
The region was a part of the Owari province in the 16th century. It came to be occupied by his third son Oda Nobuyuki who lost in the battle of Inogahara to his elder brother Oda Nobunaga. Nobunaga later on rose to became one of the powerful feudal lords in Japan's history. The castle was abandoned in 1559 and later reduced to ruins. All that remains today is a stone marking the spot where the castle stood.
A sacred tree ' Renriboku'   or Marital tree stands on the shrine ground. The trunk of this tree had split into two only to grow back together later. The tree is worshipped as a symbol of marital happiness and for restoration of relationships.

Locals also visit the temple to perform a ritual to purify motor vehicles to protect them from accidents. The shrine also hosts festivals in July and October.

We passed by this building on our way downhill.
Address: Aichi Prefecture 464-0045, Nagoya, Chikusa ku, Shiroyamacho 2-88

Phone: 052-751-0788

Opening Hours: 5:30 am to 8:00 pm   

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