Monday, September 08, 2014

A visit to Gamagori's Takeshima Island

Few months back we visited Gamagori, a city facing Mikawa Bay in southern Aichi Prefecture. 
The symbol of Gamagori is Takeshima, an island in the Mikawa Bay, connected to the mainland by a 387 meter long bridge. The island with a circumference of only 620 meters is a Japanese national treasure since it is home to 238 different plant species.
At the centre of the island is the Yaotomi Jinja, a shrine dedicated to Benten sama, the Japanese goddess of  music, entertainment and good luck in marriage and birth. 
Bentensama is the Japanese equivalent of the Hindu Goddess, Saraswati.

Visitors can climb about 100 steps to reach the shrine and descend from the other side along a walking trail around the island. 

Many visitors collect shells from the seaside or enjoy few leisurely moments on the rocks while taking in the views of the sea. It roughly takes 30 minutes to walk around this small island.
A sea facing promenade and public park faces the bridge leading to Takeshima island. 

Gamagori is also well known for its onsens, Orange Park, Aquarium and Laguna Gamagori, a theme park. 

Address: Aichi Prefecture, Gamagori city, Takeshima-cho, 3-15

Phone: 0533-68-2526

Parking: Paid parking is available near the entrance to the bridge or the Gamagori aquarium. 

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