Thursday, November 20, 2014

Autumn at Seto's Iwayado Park

In Autumn 2013, I visited the Iwayado Park in Seto in the evening with my family, to view the Night Illumination. It was a spectacular ! I was wondering how the place looks during daylight. So this year when my friend invited a group of us to go for a Foliage Viewing trip during the daytime, I joined them. 
We had a pleasant walk along the river and passed by a waterfall and some colorful carpets of fallen leaves.

It was already past the peak foliage time and the leaves were already falling off. Maybe we should have made the trip a week earlier.

But it was not totally disappointing. 

Personally I feel the night light-up is more spectacular. Check out the Night Light-up pictures from 2013 - Click here. The post also has more information about the park. 

After our leisurely walk, we ate lunch at the Unagi No Yasuji restaurant near the entrance to the Iwayado Park. The restaurant specialises in Unagi - Japanese eel. This is what my lunch looked like. 
I must say this was one of the best Unagi I have eaten in Japan.  

Address: Aichi Prefecture, 480-1215 , Seto shi, Iwayacho 

Entrance fees: Free

Parking: Free parking available for 100 units. Paid parking also available for 500 yen.

Peak Period : Early to end November ; (Exact period differs each year)

Night Illumination - Limited period - 5.30 pm to 9.00 pm 

Phone No of Unagi no Yasuji Restaurant : 0561-42-0884

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