Monday, October 04, 2010

Nakoso No Seki and Shidokigawa Dam

On a warm and shiny morning in August we decided to visit Nakoso. My husband’s Japanese colleague and his family joined us on this little trip and so we planned a barbecue lunch .

Nakoso is less than a hour’s drive from Iwaki . Nakoso is at the border of Ibaraki and Fukushima prefectures. This place was once the much guarded highway checkpoint and the ruins can be still seen. There is a museum and a walking trail around the ruins.

After spending about an hour at Nakoso we decided to explore the area a little more. Instead of going to the nearest beach, we decided to go to the nearby Shidoki dam. There were not many visitors near the dam and at one point of time we were the only people around.

It was lunch time and we still hadn’t found a place for the barbecue, so we decided to look for a camping site. The maps said that there was a camping site around but we couldn’t find it.

Finally after driving around for about an hour in the woods and on narrow gorgeside ways, we thought of giving up the place hunt and were thinking of looking for a restaurant when we saw a group of  construction workers . Our Japanese friends asked them for a camping place, but they didn’t seem to know of one. One of the men suggested that we go to a place by a stream  place under the Shidoki bridge. We decided to try our luck and set out in the direction . We did find the stream and it turned out to be a wonderful place for a barbecue and the kids had found the perfect shallow stream to wade in and we had a lovely time .

Nakoso :
Address: 6-1 Sekitanagasawa, Nakoso-machi, Iwaki Shi, Fukushima

Phone: 0246-65-6166

Access: Approximately 45 minutes from Iwaki city by car

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