Monday, May 12, 2014

Kumano Kodo: Dorokyo Gorge

Doro kyo is a picturesque gorge formed by the Kitayama River, a tributary of the Kumanogawa river. The gorge sits at the border of Wakayama, Mie and Nara Prefectures and is part of the Yoshino Kumano National Park. We visited Dorokyo Gorge on our recent Camping trip to Kumano area. The road connecting the two main towns of Hongu and Shingu on the Kumano Kodo trail passes along the Dorokyo Gorge. 

The green foliage and rocks form a nice backdrop against the turquoise blue waters of the Kitayama river. 

The best views are supposed to be in summer when flowers bloom along the river banks and also in autumn when the colorful foliage covers the mountains.
Part of this 31 km long gorge is visible from the road connecting Hongu and Shingu towns, but the best views can be enjoyed from a high speed sightseeing boat.
The boat tour takes about 2 hours and due to time constraints we could not ride the boat, but would definitely recommend it after seeing pictures of the gorge taken by travellers who have taken the boat ride. 
The Kitayama River is also said to be the only place in Japan with white water river rafting facility. 

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