Monday, May 12, 2014

Taiji Whale Museum

On our recent camping trip to Kumano, we also visited the town of Taiji near Nachikatsuura.
Taiji is a small coastal town which has been in the spotlight for Whale and Dolphin Hunting activities.

I don't intend to make any comments on the entire issue as our visit was purely for tourism purpose. 
We visited Taiji Whale Museum so that our kid could get a chance to see whales and dolphins at the Taiji Whale Museum and she thoroughly enjoyed the Whale Show. 

We also got to view the Dolphin feeding session. 
 We also saw this albino dolphin calf during the Feeding session.

Visitors can also swim with whales and dolphins and even touch a dolphin and pose for a picture with a dolphin; all for an extra fee. 

A marinarium close to the whale show area has some colorful fish. 

Visitors can pass through a glass tunnel around which fish and dolphins can be seen swimming.
The town's whaling history is displayed through various exhibits in the whale museum.

Address: Wakayama Prefecture, Higashimuro gun, Taiji-cho, Taiji 2934-2

Phone: 0735-59-2400

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