Monday, March 02, 2015

Ena Kyo Gorge

Lately I haven't been posting much stuff. Though  I have been wanting to write for long time, somehow I have not been able to. Hopefully I will post more in the days to come. 

One of our day trips in Autumn was to a place called Ena Kyo. Ena Kyo or Ena Gorge is a scenic place in the neighboring Gifu Prefecture. It is a popular spot among tourists during the Cherry Blossom season in Spring and for Foliage Viewing in Autumn. 
 Ena Gorge is located along the historic Nakasendo highway which connected Kyoto and Tokyo (erstwhile Edo) during the Edo Period. It is also close to the old Nakasendo posts of Nakatsugawa, Magome and Tsumago. 

The Kiso river, popularly referred to as Japan's equivalent to the Rhine, runs through the Gorge. Various rock formations can be seen along the Gorge. 

The best way to enjoy this scenic place is from a cruise boat which take visitors around a 20 km area to view the rock formations. 

The 30 minute cruise boat trips are especially popular in Autumn and Spring when the cliffs appear to be decorated by the seasonal colors. 

Visitors can also hike along a circular trail between Oi Dam and Enakyo Ohashi Bridge. 

Address: 509-7201, Gifu Prefecture, Ena city, Oi-machi, Okudo 2709-104 (Ena Kyo Jet Marine)

Phone: 0573-25-4800

Website: (English)

Fare: Adult 1280 yen and Children (up to 12 years) :640 yen
         (Discount coupon available on the above Website)

Closed: Cruise cancelled in Inclement weather

On our way back to Nagoya, we stopped by at the Michi no Eki- Obachan ichii. 

Michi no eki are stops on Highways with facilities similar to the service areas on Expressways.

This one featured a Huge Wooden Waterwheel and offered nice views of the Origawa Dam nearby.  

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