Friday, March 04, 2016

A visit to the Gingko Festival at Sobue

Japan has four distinct seasons and each season has its own beauty. Of the four seasons, Spring and Autumn standout for the spectacular colors that add to the beauty of nature. While Spring is synonymous with Plum, Cherry and Peach Blossoms, Autumn is known for the changing colors of the Maple and Gingko leaves. After writing a couple of posts about the various blossoms in Spring, this post is about Autumn, for a change.  

Over the years we have visited many spots well known for Autumn foliage, primarily for the Momiji - Maple leaves. Last Autumn, my friends and I visited Sobue cho in Inazawa city, near Nagoya which is known for its Gingko foliage. 
More than 10,000 gingko trees paint the entire town in hues of yellow. The best spot however is the Yusenji temple.

It is believed that the Gingko trees in Sobue cho owe their origins to the Gingko trees in Yusenji temple.
We also enjoyed a leisurely walk around town. 

Some of the Gingko trees in the town are said to be over 100 years old. 
The town also hosts an annual Sobue Gold Gingko Festival around the Yusenji temple during the peak period in late autumn. 

Best time to visit: Late November-Early December

Address:  Aichi Prefecture, 495-0002, Inazawa city, Sobue-cho , Yanagino Yamazaki, 11
               (Yusenji temple)
Phone no: 0587-97-5800

Entrance fees: Free

Parking: Available 

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