Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Nagoya : Plum Blossoms at Nagoya Agricultural Centre

Today my friends and I went for our first Blossom viewing outing for the season. We visited the Nagoya Agricultural Centre to view Plum Blossoms. 
The Nagoya Agricultural Centre is a city operated facility and features a model farm with livestock such as cows, pigs, chicken and sheep. The park also has a glasshouse and shops selling organic products and food stuff. But what attracts visitors the most in early spring are the Plum and Cherry Blossoms. 
The park is especially known for its Shidare UmeWeeping Plum trees.  Some pictures from our visit today:

And some pictures of other flowers besides the Plum blossoms.

Some of the vegetables were huge in size ! 
With couple more weeks for the popular Cherry Blossoms to start blooming, we are looking forward to some great outings in Spring.

Address: Aichi Prefecture, 468-0021, Nagoya Tempaku ku, Hirabari, Oaza Hirabari, Aza
              Kuroishi, 2872-3 

Phone: 052-801-5221

Entrance Fees: Free

Hours: 9:00 - 16:30 hrs

Closing days: Closed on Mondays (In case public holiday falls on Monday, the next day)

Parking : Paid parking available

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