Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hattachi Yakushi

Hattachi Yakushi near Hisanohama is a lovely place by the Pacific Ocean. Located right next to a tunnel, this spot can be easily missed.  
Driving along the Highway 6 northwards from Yotsukura in Iwaki, we saw a temple to our left. We probably would not have stopped by, had we not seen the red bridge which connects the shore and a huge rock.
Hattachi Yakushiji as the temple is locally known is an old temple. 
It has been designated a national monument in 1956.
The red bridge leads to a rock, rather a cluster of rocks, which is referred to as the Islands of the gods. 
There are various statues of gods placed higher in the rocks.
Erosion has turned the rocks into interesting shapes.
A rocky trail further leads to a small Torii. The rocks are a good place to visit and spend some time watching the waves splashing against the rocks.

People in the nearby areas visit this place especially on New Year's Day to see the first sunrise of the year followed by a visit to the temple.  
The Hattachi Beach is a nice and peaceful beach.It is one of the popular beaches on Iwaki's Pacific coastline.

Adress: 89-Yokouchi, Tanoami, Hisanohama-machi, Iwaki City, Fukushima
Phone: 0246-82-2820
Access: 10 mins by car from Iwaki-Yotsukara IC.

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