Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Tsuchiyu is an Onsen town in Fukushima prefecture. The foot-baths here are quite popular and that is what drove us to the town. 
The “Tsuchi-yukko” footbath is located in the Higashi Karasugawa Shinsui Koen park. When we visited, the entire area was covered with snow.
A lone waterfall in the distance was what we saw in the park
Another foot bath called “Tsuchi no Yubujye” is at the foot of the Tsuki No Yu Hashi Bridge.  The Arakawa O-hashi Bridge with Kokeshi dolls standing on both ends of the bridge is a pretty sight.
The town is also famous for the Kokeshi dolls and ranks among the three major production sites of Kokeshi Dolls in Japan.
We saw many Kokeshi dolls on display in the town.
Even the town's symbol is apparently the Kokeshi doll going by the manhole covers.
The town is also popular for the spring blossom and autumn foliage views. 

Address: 1, Kaminomachi, Tsuchiyu-Onsen, Fukushima, Japan

Phone: 024-595-2217

Parking: Limited

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