Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lake Inawashiro

One of our first trips in Japan was to Inawashiro-ko.
Inawashiro ko is the 4th largest lake in Japan and was created as a result of an earlier volcanic eruption of Mt Bandai, assumed to be around thousands of years ago. It is located in almost the centre of Fukushima Prefecture and is the main entrance to the Bandai Asahi National Park.
 The lake’s beaches are popular for bathing and other water sports during summer. 
Pleasure boats shaped like a giant turtle or a giant swan take visitors for a 30 minute cruise around the lake. 

 In winter the lake is almost entirely frozen.  

The beaches of lake are filled with migratory swans who come here in winter and remain here till spring.

The area around the parking lot had thick snow walls. The pleasure boats stood still in the frozen lake, perhaps awaiting spring. 

Address: 923-2, Okinazawa, Inawashiro machi, Yama gun, Fukushima Prefecture- 969-3285

Phone : 0242-65-2100 (for the Pleasure Boats)

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