Monday, April 22, 2013

Exploring Aizu- To No Hetsuri

On our trip to the Aizu area last autumn, we visited 2 places - Ouchijuku and To no Hetsuri. 

To No Hetsuri is a valley which means " Row of cliffs" in the local dialect. As the name suggests, To no Hetsuri consists of a row of tower shaped cliffs overlooking a river.A suspension bridge is built across the river and visitors cross this to have a closer look at the cliffs. 
 These cliffs have strange shapes and were formed due to wind and rain erosion.

The odd shapes of these rocks have resulted in them having unique names like Eagle Tower, Hawk Tower, Nine Ring tower, Elephant tower and so on. These cliffs were named as a national natural monument in 1943. 

In autumn, the colourful foliage adds to the beauty of the natural surroundings. 

Address: Yagoshima Shitabayashi, Shimogo machi, Minami Aizu gun, Fukushima prefecture  

Phone: 0241-68-2920

Entrance fees: None

Parking: Available

Closing days: May not be accessible during winter months due to snowfall

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