Sunday, April 21, 2013

Shibazakura Festival - Hirata

In early May each year, the slopes of a hillock in Hirata village, Fukushima prefecture, are covered with millions of pink flowers, called Shibazakura. 
Shibazakura, also known as Moss Phlox, Mountain Phlox or Moss Pink is a small creeper on which small flowers bloom in shades of pink, blue and white. The plant is native to North America but is now cultivated at many places in Japan. The flowers bloom in late spring to early spring, ideally in early to mid May. 
The entire surrounding hills look as though they are covered with bright pink carpets.
 It is at this time that Hirata village conducts its annual Shibazakura festival. 
The venue for this event is known as Jyupia land and thousands of visitors flock to this small farming village to view this colourful sight. 
Visitors can walk through short trails along the flowers on the slopes. 
There are even some mannequin displays.

Visitors can also enjoy some music performances at specific times. 
The most popular Shibazakura festival in Japan is held near Lake Motosu at the foot of Mount Fuji  in Yamanashi prefecture. ( )

The pictures on this blogpost are from our visit to Hirata Shibazakura festival in May 2012. 

Useful link :

Entrance: Free

Parking : Available

Phone: 0247-55-3111

Contact: Hirata village officeHirata mura, Ishikawa gun, Fukushima prefecture, 963-8292

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