Friday, April 19, 2013

Hanamiyama Park - Fukushima's Xanadu

Last weekend, we went on a Hanami trip to Hanamiyama Park. 

Hanamiyama Park is a popular Cherry Blossom viewing spot in Fukushima prefecture. Located on the slopes of the hills to the southeast of Fukushima City, the park provides a spectacular views of the picturesque snow-capped Bandai Azuma mountain range and Fukushima city amidst the beautiful cherry blossoms and other ornamental flowers. 

Some travel sites even refer to the spot as Fukushima's Xanadu !

The park is a private property owned by a flower farmer who converted the slopes into a beautiful park and has allowed visitors to enjoy the floral views in spring each year since 1959, and is generous enough to not charge visitors any admission fees. 

The various paths leading to the walking trails of Hanamiyama are lined by residential houses.

There are three walking courses for blossom viewing - each taking 30 mins, 45 mins and 60 mins respectively. 
The 60 minute walking trail takes visitors to the summit of the mountain, from where the  view is breathtaking ! 
Cherry blossoms, Peach blossoms and other ornamental flowers in different colours can be found along the paths. 

Like every Hanami spot in Japan, Hanamiyama park also has its own picnic spots and stalls selling food and other stuff. 

Best time to visit - Beginning to end April . Please check exact dates for peak blossoms as the period varies each year. 

Opening hours: Never closed. However since the property is privately owned, visiting during odd hours might be intrusion on privacy of owners and neighbour's privacy.

Entrance fees: Free

Address: 1-1, Sakae Machi, Fukushima city, Fukushima Prefecture 960-8031

Access: Approximately 2 kms from both Fukushima Nishi IC and Fukushima Iizaka IC on Tohoku Expressway

Parking : Parking spots are available at a distance and traffic regulating personnel are deployed in peak season to guide visitors. Shuttle buses are available from parking spots to the park for a about 250 yen one way. Be prepared for traffic congestion especially on weekends during peak period. 

Useful link : ( Japanese only)


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