Monday, April 14, 2014

Nagasaki : Hollander Slope and Western Style Homes

Oranda-zaka, or Hollander Slope is a residential area on a steep slope. Post the opening up of Nagasaki port in the late19th century, European merchants, mostly from Netherlands settled down in this area, close to the port. 
Dutch merchants had been in Nagasaki even during the period of isolation (confined to the man made island of Dejima). Oranda is Japanese for Dutch or Hollanders and at one point, all Western people irrespective of the country they came from, were referred to as "Oranda -jin" and the area around which they resided was called Oranda-zaka.  

Several Western style residences from the late 19th century have remained and have been restored and preserved.

Most of these are now converted in museums offering visitors a peek into the lifestyle of the erstwhile residents. 

Hollander Slope is a short walk from the Confucius Shrine and Glover Garden Skyroad.

Access: Withing walking distance of the Ishibashi, Ouratenshidoshita and Shimin Byoin mae                stops on the Nagasaki Street Car route no 5   

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