Monday, April 14, 2014

Nagasaki: Meganebashi

Meganebashi, literally Spectacles Bridge, is a famous bridge in Nagasaki. 

The stone bridge was built in 1634 over the Nakashima River by a Chinese Zen priest, Mozi of the nearby Kofukuji temple. It is considered to be the oldest stone bridge in Japan. 
The bridge is called Megane bashi because its twin arches and their reflection in the river below create an image resembling a pair of spectacles. (Spectacles are called Megane in Japanese) 

Several bridges were constructed across the Nakashima River of which a few remain. 
Some of the remaining bridges in the vicinity.

The Megane bashi bridge was damaged in a flood in 1982 but it was restored to its original form.

The bridge is 22 meters long and 3.65 meters wide. A small promenade along the river makes it a pleasant place for a stroll. Some sculptures on the promenade

Access: Walking distance from Nigiwaibashi and Kokaido mae stations on Nagasaki Street Car route 4 and 5. 

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