Monday, April 14, 2014

Nagasaki : One Legged Torii

One of the reminders of the tragic Nuclear Bombing of Nagasaki, is the "One Legged Torii" which stands in a neighbourhood to the southeast of the hypocenter
This Torii is the remnant of the old Sanno-jinja, a Shinto shrine which was destroyed in the nuclear bombing. One side of the Torii arch was also destroyed while the other remained standing. 
Two  500 year old camphor trees in the shrine complex were scorched and all its leaves were also stripped won due to the impact of the bomb explosion. However the trees survived miraculously, and new growth has now enveloped the dead parts of the tree. One of the trees was also designated a natural monument in 1969.

While the shrine has been reconstructed and the area has redeveloped, the one legged torii has been preserved as a reminder of the tragic past. 

Address: Nagasaki Prefecture,852-8102, Nagasaki, Sakamoto 2 chome, 6-56, Sanno Jinja 

Access: 10 minute walk , 800 meters south east of the Atomic Bomb Museum

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