Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Camping : Grimms' Adventure Forest

Recently we went for a camping trip. We came across a wonderful camp site- Grimms' Adventure Forest. This site is one of the most well maintained camp sites we have come across in Japan. 
Along with a variety of camping and accommodation plans, this site has a variety of play areas that will keep kids busy for most of the time.

Our daughter had a wonderful time and made some friends and was playing for most of the time !

What appealed the most to us was that this campsite has many optional activities like art and craft, pond fishing and even making Baumkuchen. 
The craft hut has a variety of activities- dyeing handkerchiefs and t-shirts or woodwork. 
People fishing in the pond
Fireworks are allowed but restricted to a designated area.
Bicycles can be rented and a separate area has been marked for riding bicycles. 

Campers can choose from a variety of tent sites- Free site, Autocamp site, Campsite with AC power, etc.

For those not keen to stay in tents, Bungalow accommodation is also available. Shower rooms are available. 

Some essential items and packaged food are available in the shop in the administration building.

We definitely plan to go camping there again. We would definitely recommended the site for families with kids. 

Address: Shiga Prefecture 529-1623, Gamou gun, Hino Machi, Kumano 431

Phone: 0748-53-0809

Access: 40 mins from Yokkaichi IC on Meishin Expressway and 30 mins from Tsuchiyama Koka IC on Shin Meishin Expressway

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  1. Great! It’s an amazing place which I have ever seen. It’s a really breathtaking place to a camping and tent where you can get the maximum fun.