Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Trying out unusual food stuff

Recently my friends and I have been trying out unusual food stuff in Japan. 

Few weeks ago, we tried out Burger King's special Black Burger. We had a pleasant surprise - the taste was not as weird as we had expected it to be ! Two variants are available Black Diamond and Black Pearl.


We chose the Black Diamond .Everything from the buns to the cheese slice was black! Thankfully the lettuce and the tomato were their natural color ! The burger comes wrapped in black paper as well.


The black burger is available only in Japan for a limited period. 

( Picture courtesy : Burger King Japan) 

Today, my friends and I went to the COSTCO near the Chubu Airport in Tokoname near Nagoya. Next to COSTCO is the Mentai Park, an outlet dedicated to stuff made with Fish Roe. 


Mentaiko is a Japanese delicacy that is basically marinated roe of Cod fish or Pollack. They sell onigiri, senbei, sausages, dumplings, pickles etc all made with some kind of Mentaiko. However, we  went there to try out the the Mentaiko soft serve ice cream. 

If you are not keen on trying out fish roe flavored ice cream, they also sell vanilla soft serve ice cream. The Mentaiko icecream was surprisingly good ! I would not mind going back there again.


At 350 yen for a cone or 300 yen for a cup of ice cream, it surely is a good experience !

Mentai Park website : Click here

Japan has a whole lot of unusual food stuff that one can experience. When in Japan, try something unusual to make your stay/visit even more memorable ! 

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