Friday, October 17, 2014

Nagoya Castle : Honmaru Palace

Nagoya's most popular attraction is undoubtedly its castle, Nagoya-jo. I have already covered information of the castle along with pictures in a separate post- Click here to view. As such I will not repeat the same. This post is entirely about the Castle's Honmaru Palace. The palace was under reconstruction and entry was restricted during my previous visit and hence I could not cover it in my previous post on Nagoya Castle. 

Few days back, we had a friend visiting us in Nagoya and we visited the Nagoya Castle with her. This time we could visit the Honmaru Palace. While parts of the palace are still under reconstruction, we could view the beautiful screen paintings that Honmaru is well known for. The construction began in 2009 and are scheduled to be completed in 2018. In 2013, a part of the palace including the main audience hall featuring the replicated paintings were opened to public. 
The original Honmaru Palace was constructed in 1615 and was the home of the lord of Owari province. The building was built in a traditional Japanese architecture style called "shoin-zukuri". The current reconstruction has been aimed at restoring the palace to its erstwhile glory. 

The Honmaru Palace is reputed for its ornate decorations and beautiful painted screens. The most popular of the painted screens are the one's featuring the tigers. 

Many other animals and birds are also painted on the screen doors.

The metal fittings are also carved and show influence of Western and Islamic art. 

The most formal room the Omote Shoin is also the largest room in the palace.

 This room was used for official audiences. 
The Jodannama room is where the lord was supposed to sit and its flooring is at a raised level. 
The Jodannoma room is also furnished with luxurious wooden furniture. The shelves and ornamental sliding doors are particularly spectacular.
The lattice design of the ceiling of the Jodannoma is also notable.  

Several rooms of the palace were accessible only to certain classes of society and people from lower ranks were forbidden to enter. 

A visit to the Honmaru Palace is a must to experience the grand lifestyle of the feudal period. 

Official Website: Click here

Address: Aichi Prefecture 460-0031, Nagoya, Naka Ku, Nagoya Jo Honmaru,1-1 

Entrance Fees: 500 yen (Castle Entrance fees only; Fees are not charged separately for Honmaru Palace)

Closed: Every Monday; Closed on Tuesdays when Monday is a Public Holiday.

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